13 Ways To Save Time In The Morning For Moms

Great Ways To Save Time In The Morning For Busy Moms

Whether you’re a SAHM or a working mom, being a mom is a full-time job! This means your to-do list is always full and any spare time will come in handy.

Sometimes it feels impossible to save any time in the morning for any mom. Getting the kid(s) out of bed let alone the door is such a struggle.

Do I need to talk about the scuffle that comes with preparing and feeding the kids? – SMH!

While saving time may seem like a distant dream for moms, it’s not impossible.

The secret is to get more organized, learn to better manage your time, and do more chores the previous night.

Also, work as a team with every member of the family.

When you have some spare time in the morning, you will be able to get to work on time.

If you’re a WAHM you can start working on time too. You can also use the time to work on improving yourself.

That being said, I have compiled this list of ways to save time in the morning for busy moms.

Apart from saving you a few minutes each morning, these tips will also help you run your mornings with more ease.

Great Ways To Save Time In The Morning For Busy Moms
Ways To Save Time In The Morning For Super Busy Moms

Ingenious Ways To Save Time In The Morning

# Wake Up On Time

This is the first step in saving time in the morning. To be able to wake up on time, make sure you go to bed early enough so you can get ample sleep.

Also, ensure the kids have enough rest which will prevent them from being extra fussy in the morning.

If your kid(s) have a habit of throwing tantrums in the morning, wake them 10-15 minutes earlier than the actual waking time.

This way you will have ample time to calm them down before getting them ready for the day.

# Plan Your Meals

Having a well-planned meal plan will give you a clear idea of what to make for breakfast and lunch.

Prepare your lunches at night then you can have an easy-to-serve breakfast in the morning.

Personally, I prefer these nutrient-packed easy smoothie recipes for breakfast because they’re great for everyone including the kids. They’re easy to make too.

# Ask For Help

Dear Mommy, never be afraid or ashamed to ask for help.

Whether you have one kid or more being a mom is already tough enough, asking for extra help will not make you a lesser mom.

If you feel you’re getting overwhelmed by morning tasks, you can get someone to do them for you.

This way, you can concentrate on the things that really matter.

# Focus On One Thing At A Time

I know MULTI-TASKING is a way of saving time for some moms however, concentrating on one task at a time, will naturally get it done much faster.

But, this doesn’t mean you should do away with multitasking completely – just know when to and when to stop.

You can do this by splitting your tasks into two to get a balance between focusing and multitasking.


  • Multi-task – Answer phone calls while loading a dishwasher or washing machine, pack lunches while making breakfast
  • Focus – focus on dressing the kids, feeding them, or doing their hair.

Brilliant Ways To Save Time In The Morning

# Pick Your Outfit The Night Before

Running through the whole wardrobe looking for something to wear is not a new thing to any woman.

However, trying to do it in the morning will definitely get you late for wherever you’re going anywhere.

# Choose A Simple Morning Routine

This is one of my favorite ways to save time in the morning!

By having a simple morning routine, you’ll be able to run on autopilot and get things done more quickly.

This will also stop you from spiraling around in confusion in wondering what to do next.

# Tidy Up At Night To Keep The House Organized

Before going to bed, you can do some chores if not all. This way you’ll have very little or no duties in the morning.

When it comes to chores you can delegate to the kids too. Load the dishwasher, fold clothes, and collect the toys and store them in their rightful places.

Also, make it a habit to put things back after you’ve used them. Apart from being frustrated by not finding something where you expect it to be, you can waste minutes/hours searching for it and that’s all wasted time.

Also read; 9 Simple Declutter Ideas For An Instant Clean Home

# Exchange Your Handbag At Night

I know a lot of women are guilty of getting late while trying to get the right handbag for the day. As a woman, choosing the right handbag can be a hard task.

With that in mind, make it a habit to exchange your bag at night to save you some time in the morning.

# Designate A Specific Area For Keys

Have a specific area where you keep your car keys, sunglasses, and the bag or purse you intend to carry the following day. Have different boxes for each member to avoid any confusion.

For the kids, make sure everything they need for school or daycare is in that specific area.

You can get this Wall-mounted Key Holder if you don’t have one already.

# Let’s Talk Hair

Every woman wants fabulous hair day in day out. However, with a thousand things to do in the morning as a mum, you barely get time to style your hair.

My advice for easy brushing and styling, invest in good hair products. You can dry shampoo your hair in the morning and wash it at night or during the day. This goes for the kids too.

With good hair products, your hair will still look good even without putting in too much effort.

# Carpool If Possible

Although most moms prefer to drop their kids in school or daycare, there is no shame in carpooling your kids with another trusted mom or dad. This will save you tons of time in the morning.

However, your child’s safety should be your greatest priority consideration whenever you decide to carpool.

# No Social Media In The Morning

How many times have decided to have a quick glance at Facebook and hours later you still find yourself scoring aimlessly? Well, haven’t we all been there?

Now, to save time in the morning, try not to open any social media platforms.

Instead, set a specific period of time during the day and dedicate it to catching up with your social media.

# Reward Good Behaviors

This is for the kids. You know preparing fussy or any kid in the morning can be the real hustle. This can take a lot of time too.

To save you some time in the morning, you can start rewarding your child if they’re well-behaved in the morning.

This way they’ll be excited and willing to do the right thing in the morning. Also, they’ll be looking forward to the mornings.

What Are Your Favorite Ways To Save Time In The Morning?

Personally, I love doing as much as possible the night before so I have very little to do in the morning. I also wake up earlier than anyone else so I can have my “me” time.

Do you have any great ways to save time in the morning? Are you going to try these ideas? I’d love to know which one you are going to try first, so please leave a comment below.

Also, don’t forget to share these tips with your fellow moms.


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