15 Handy First Time Mom Tips They Never Tell You About

Looking for helpful first time mom tips? If so, e sure to read this list to the end!

First of all, I have profound respect for all moms out there! You’re doing a great job and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Now, when we realized I was pregnant, I embarked on a research journey. A journey to find out anything and everything a first-time mom needs to know about babies. I made google my friend as advised by most friends. I even read a few “all you need to know about babies” books and blogs!

First time mom tips

Also, I can’t tell you how many times I called my sister-in-law and my friends who are already moms asking them as many questions as I could! Thank God for their kindness and patience.

However, when I got my little princess, I realized there was so much more to motherhood than my friends or the internet could teach me.

Honestly, the last few months have been a rollercoaster of emotions for me. First, I still can’t believe I  am a mom. I am still fascinated by her little smiles and laughs.

Secondly, my daughter is growing so fast so every moment I spend with her is priceless. I have also learned a lot and am still learning. 

That being said, here is my truthful experience and a few lessons that I’ve learned as a mum to a gorgeous 5 months baby girl.


Worthwhile First Time Mom Tips And Lessons

First time mom
First time mom tips

1.) Motherhood is a journey and everyone has their own experience – Different moms have different experiences during their pregnancy, at childbirth, and most important when bringing up their kids. If you ask different moms the same question you will get so many different answers.

Therefore, it’s important to allow yourself to experience motherhood your own way. This way you will be more relaxed and you will actually enjoy being a mom.

2.) Being a mom is the hardest job you will ever love – being a mom is a full-time job. You are not allowed to take sick leave, a day off or a break. You will be exhausted most of the time, other times you will talk and look crazy but there is nothing as fulfilling and rewarding as seeing your baby happy.

Each day I wake up to the most beautiful smile! This makes me forget the sleepless night I have had. It might be hard but I love being a mom.

3.) Always have a plan b – Most moms depend on insurance companies to pay their hospital bills once they deliver. But it is important to have some cash that can foot your bills in case the insurance fails to come through for you.

This will ensure that you and the baby do not stay in the hospital longer than expected while trying to sort out the bills.

Also, pack your hospital bag in advance to avoid the last-minute rush. Make sure you have all the essentials you need for yourself and the baby. Check out these tips on what you need in your hospital bag.

4.) Breastfeeding is not easy – Every mom will tell you how magical breastfeeding is. Also, it may look easy when you see other moms doing it, but it’s not. As a new mom, the biggest challenges will vary from cracked nipples, infections to mastitis.

To prevent this lactate properly and make sure you breastfeed on one breast until it’s empty before going to the next one. Also, you can get Breastfeeding nipple shields to prevent cracks. When you get a hang of it, breastfeeding is actually magical.

5.) Baby poop is black in the first few days – I know this may sound funny but I had no idea! Smh. To tell you the truth I almost ran because I thought my baby had a problem. Please don’t run, it’s totally normal.

Helpful First Time Mom Tips And Lessons

First time mom tips
first time mom tips

6.) Babies are bosses – I had some sleeping schedules downloaded for my baby. In my head, I knew once we get home from the hospital we would follow one. Let me tell you for free, at 5 months, my little missy sleeps whenever she wants and there is nothing I can do. I have tried different schedules and none has worked so I let her be.

As a new mom, don’t stress yourself over a sleeping schedule, let your baby be. All you need to is plan your time around whenever the baby sleeps. Also, in the first few weeks, the baby can be fussy at night, relax it will be better as the baby grows. 

7.) Baby nails grow overnight – This might sound funny but it’s true. Seriously, what’s the deal with these nails? If I don’t cut my daughter’s nails after every few days, she will have scratches all over her face. Now cutting her nails is a full-time job.

8.) Fancy vs Functional – As a new mom, you will see so many fancy baby clothes, but after you buy them, you realize they are not functional. I realized some of those clothes were too complicated to put on a baby and they did not look comfortable too.

At 5 months, I’m stuck with a pile of baby clothes, some of which she never got to wear. What has worked most for my daughter is onesies, rompers, and bodysuits. They are easy to put on and you can choose either warm or light depending on the season. And because babies grow so fast, You will have all the fun dressing them when they are more grown.

9.) Avoid comparing your baby –  This is one of my favorite first time mom tips. Babies come in all shapes and sizes. They develop and hit milestones differently too. That being said comparing your baby to other babies can be a source of stress to a new mom.

I found myself comparing my baby to my nieces (on weight gain, sleeping schedule, and how they perform activities) until I realized these babies are totally different and their development will never be the same.

My advice?  Love your baby as they are, care for them unconditionally, and let them grow and develop at their own pace.

10.) Google isn’t a doctor – Most first-time moms make the mistake of looking for solutions on Google, please don’t. The internet has a way of magnifying a small issue into a big problem.

If you feel your baby has a problem, please visit a doctor no matter how small the problem might seem. Also, ask the doctor any question that’s bothering you no matter how dumb it may sound.

Useful First Time Mom Tips And Lessons

First time mom
First time mom tips

11.) Follow your heart as a mom –  Nobody told me getting a baby means getting advice from anyone and everyone. As a mom, you have to learn how to filter information. Follow your heart. If it feels right, do it, if it doesn’t, leave it.

12.) Expect the unexpected As I said before babies are different. Therefore, make sure your 7th sense – yes mothers have a 7th sense – is working all the time. My baby surprises me each waking day. Also, be attentive as your baby might surprise you sooner than you anticipated.

13.) Things will never be the same – when you became a mom all aspects of your life will change. My body changed, I have a whole new person depending on me, and my hubby and I have to create time to be together unlike before the baby when we had all the time to ourselves. 

14.) Fewer friends – Your friends will definitely be fewer when you get a baby. This is because you are on different timelines. You will prefer to spend more time with your baby than hang out with friends.

15.) Relax they will move out soon – Are there baby stuff and toys all over the house? Is your house not tidy as it used to be? Are you stressing about it? Relax! As soon as they are 18 years they will move out. and everything will go back to normal. All you need to do now is to enjoy the tiny smiles you get every now and then.

Were These First Time Mom Tips Helpful?

Being a mom has brought me so much joy than I could ever imagine. I may be exhausted most of the time but I would never ask for a better job.

Are you a first-time mom? What first time tips are working for you? I would love to hear all about it in the comment sect below. Also, don’t forget to share with any new mom or mom-to-be.


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