20 Fun 6 Month Baby Activities

Are you looking for fun 6 month baby activities? Nurturing your baby to six months is no joke. If your baby is at six months already, you need to pat yourself on the back, especially if you are a first-time mom.

fun 6 month baby activities

At this time, you are probably getting into a schedule with your baby and running out of activities to keep you two engaged.

At six months, you need to introduce more baby activities for the proper growth and development of your baby. 

I know at this point, you are looking for the best 6 months baby activities. Worry not, I got your back! I have compiled a list of 20 baby activities, how to do them, and their benefits for the growth and development of your baby.

These activities are a sure way to have fun with your baby while initiating proper growth and development. 

Now, let’s get right into these incredible 6 months baby activities that will keep you and you and your baby engaged while having fun!

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Incredible 6 Month Baby Activities

fun 6 Month Baby Activities

1.) Reading

This probably sounds cliché right now, but you should start reading to your baby from day one. At six months, you need to intensify the reading. Reading is one of the most significant ways to build the baby’s communication skills.

At this stage, your baby is making milestones towards speech development, and reading to them is the best way to help babies develop their speech. 

How to perform this act: You should make the reading as interactive as possible. Do not act it out like you are reading the news. Read slowly, with exaggerated intonations and expressions. This is a sure way to keep your baby interested all through.

2.) Talking

This is one of the best 6 month baby activities because it helps your baby to develop their speech. Other than assisting build their communication skills, your baby will love that they have your attention. 

How to perform this act: Always talk to your baby. Tell stories, and what you are doing. When they babble, give them responses to encourage them. 

3.) Singing

Singing is a fun way to spend time with your baby. You and your baby will love the singing sessions. You can sing to your baby anytime while doing anything. Singing is also a great way to develop the speech skills of the baby. 

How to perform this act: Use varied tones and expressions to sing to the baby. You can use the popular nursery rhymes, or come up with your own. You can also sing along nursery rhymes on YouTube. 

4.) Imitating

Babies enjoy imitating people they love. They will try and mimic your actions, words, and expressions. Encourage imitation; this way, you will know when your children can perform some acts. They will also learn to do different things through imitation. 

How to initiate imitation: Always imitate the acts of your baby, to encourage them to imitate you back. Imitate their sounds, babbles, body movements, and facial expressions. Introduce several more actions and watch your baby try to imitate you.

5.) Clapping

At this age, your baby has probably learned how to clap. If they have not, you can demonstrate to them, and encourage them to imitate you. You can also hold them on your laps and initiate the clapping process. 

Clapping is ideal for exercising the baby’s arms and back muscles. Besides, it would be fun for you two. 

How to perform this act: Have your baby on their back, or your laps, and encourage them to clap. You can accompany the clapping with songs and even create a clapping rhythm. 

6 Month Baby Activities That Are Easy To Perform

Incredible 6 Month Baby Activities

6.) Baby sit-ups

Sit-ups are a perfect way to strengthen your baby’s muscles. They will tone your baby’s stomach, back, and limb muscles. Perform them at least 5-10 of them per day. If your baby has not attained head control yet, sit-ups are an ideal exercise for them.

How to perform sit-ups: Lay your baby on their back. Gently pull them up to a sitting position using their hands. You can also lift them from behind, as long as you attain a sitting posture. 

7.) Dance 

Dancing is an exciting activity that both of you will love. The moves are a sure way to exercise the muscles of the baby. It is a great way to strengthen the baby’s limbs and earn some giggles from them. 

How to dance with your baby: There are two ways you can initiate dancing in your baby’s activities. First, you can hold your baby up in a standing position, and move them gently as if they are dancing.

Secondly, you can carry your baby, preferably against your chest, and dance while holding them. You can use a baby carrier to support the baby fully. Be sure to change the pace of the dance to moves to keep things interesting. 

8.) Take a walk 

Taking a walk with your baby is a great way to connect with nature. You get some fresh air and some vitamin D on your walks. Your baby also gets to see and interact with outdoor features making this one of my favorite fun 6 month baby activities.

How to make the most out of walks: Take a walk mostly before noon. You can use a baby carrier and walk with your baby to the park. Talk and show them everything you see. 

9.) Blow bubbles

Blowing bubbles is a fun way to spend time with your baby. They will probably try and catch the bubbles or focus their concentration on the floating bubbles.

As they try to catch the bubbles, they exercise their limbs. Blowing bubbles will also help boost their attention and develop their vision

How to blow bubbles: Have your baby sit in a lower position. Blow the bubbles around them, from a higher area, say on your knees. Watch your baby get entertained with the small bubbles. 

10.) Bouncing the baby on your legs

This is a thrilling exercise for the baby. They will love the back and forth movement while on their mother’s legs. The movement helps the baby master their body movements. 

How to perform this act: Have the baby on your laps, and let them face you. Make eye contact with them and start moving your legs up and down. Change the paces you bounce the baby and watch them give some adorable giggles. Add a song to make things more interesting. 

Thrilling 6 Month Baby Activities

6 Month Baby Activities

11.) Flying 

This is an excellent activity that will earn you fun laughs from the baby. They will love seeing the surroundings from a different perspective. Flying your baby is a fantastic activity for their body movement and stimulation. 

How to perform this act: Sit down and hold the baby using both hands. Be sure to support their midsection well. Lift the baby above your head and start moving them in different directions, and up and down. The motion should be like that of a plane.

12.) Peek-a-boo

This is a sure way to earn some giggles from your baby. They love this game. Peek-a-boo is not only fun; it will play a crucial role in the cognitive development of your baby. They will learn object permanence, and also improve their motor skills. 

How to perform this act: There are different variations of peek-a-boo. Your main task will be to make it as fun as possible; you want the baby to remain interested all through. 

First, hold your baby on your laps. Make eye contact with them, and smile broadly. Then hide your face with your palms for 5-10 seconds. Reveal your face and give your baby a surprised look, followed by some laughter or a broad smile. 

Secondly, hide behind a chair or a pillar. Make eye contact with your baby and get back to hiding. Get back to the baby and give some exaggerated expressions before getting back to your hiding. 

Thirdly, hide an object like a toy or a book. Start by hiding it partially, say under a blanket. Ask your baby to find it. ‘Where is the book? Help me find the book?’ pretend to be in a serious search before revealing the book. Repeat the process and watch your baby get more excited. 

13.) Look at colorful pictures

Your baby will love watching bright images. You can have a book with colorful and highly contrasting photos for this session. Alternatively, you can use your photo album. Looking at pictures is an activity that would help the baby to develop a proper vision. 

How to perform this act: Look at images and point them out to your baby. Be sure to initiate a conversation to keep things more interesting. Say something like ‘Where is the apple? Can you point at the apple? Here, this is an apple?’ Be sure to keep a varied and excited tone as you point out images on your colorful books. 

14.) Too many objects to handle

This is an activity that would help you monitor the development of decision–making skills in your baby. You will also love the expression they will give when they have too many objects to handle. 

How to perform this act: Have your baby in a good sitting posture or any comfortable position. Have several toys or small objects on standby. Hand them the first object.

Just as they start to get manipulative with the first object, hand them the second, then the third, and the fourth. Watch if they put the first objects down, whether they ignore the new objects, or whether they devise tactics to handle all the objects at once. 

15.) Out of reach

This activity will help your baby develop their motor skills. Their decision-making skills will also be put on check. You can use yourself or objects to execute this activity. 

How to perform this act: Place toys a meter from the baby, instead of handing it to them. They will have to crawl or scoot over to get to the toy. When they are about to get to the object they are trying to reach, try moving it further. If they cannot reach the item, hand it over to them.

Handing it over to them after watching their motor skills will let the baby know that you got their back. Instead of going straight to your baby, sit a meter or two from them. They will have to crawl to get to you. 

Awesome 6 Month Baby Activities

Awesome 6 Month Baby Activities

16.) Give your baby a massage

Lay your baby on the bed and give them a massage. Have a day to massage their limbs, back, stomach, and sides. Massages are an excellent way to tone your baby’s muscles and body. This is one of my favorite 6 month baby activities because my baby enjoys it way too much and it’s also a great way if soothing her to sleep.

How to massage your baby: The best time to massage your baby is after bathing them. Oil them as you gently massage their limbs, stomach, and backside. Be sure to be gentle with the baby. 

17.) Flashlight

Using a flashlight to capture the attention of your baby is a sure way to exercise their neck muscles. They will also learn to control their head movement as they turn their neck back and forth. 

How to perform the flashlight act: Hold your baby on your laps in a dark room. Use a flashlight to and direct the light to the wall. Move the light back and forth, to the ceiling and to the floor. Your baby will focus their concentration and follow the movement of the light. 

18.) Spend quiet time with your baby

This is the best way to have a break from a day full of activities. You two will have a great rest time to replenish your energies

Lay side by side with your baby. Look at the ceiling and say nothing. You will hear some babbles and movements from your baby. But be sure to make this rest time as serene as possible. 

19.) Balancing your baby on a ball

This is a fun activity that will help strengthen the stomach muscles of your baby. You will need a big ball such as a beach ball, or a yoga ball to perform this action. 

 How to perform this act: Have your baby sit on a ball. Be sure to hold them and support them by the hands. Make gentle moves to cause some wiggling. Move the ball as you balance the baby. Just be sure to avoid any flips. 

20.) Stack blocks

Your baby is too young to participate in block-stacking, but watching you stack blocks will sure intrigue them. Let them try to stack them up. This will help them develop their ability to manipulate items in their hands. 

How to perform this act: Stack up blocks or colorful party cups. Count out happily as you stack the blocks to keep the baby interested. Let your baby knock down the stack. Laugh out loud after the knocks before you start stacking up the blocks again. 

What Are Your Favorite 6 Month Baby Activities?

The activities above are a sure way to keep your baby interested, while still achieving the needed milestones for 6-months old baby. Initiate the actions above for a fun bonding time with your baby, and proper growth and development. 

What are your favorite 6 month baby activities? I would love to hear all about it in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to share these activities with your fellow moms!


  1. My little one is four months old and I enjoy doing several of these activities with him. Your list is quite comprehensive! I will definitely try playing with the flashlight and blowing bubbles soon. Stay safe.

  2. This is perfect! I have a 6 month old, I will definitely try some of these out as I never thought of a few.


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