15 Clever Shoe Storage Solutions for Your Home

shoe storage solutions

Our latest collection of shoe storage solutions for your home. These clever shoe storage solutions are great for both small and large spaces.

Many people have lots shoes but don’t know how to store them. It can be messy when your shoes are lying all over the floor.

Without proper organisation, your shoes can get split up and lost from each other. The following shoe storage solutions will help you keep your shoes organized for easy access and protection.

The solutions below are for both small and large spaces and we hope you will find a style that suits your space best. Let’s dive in!

1.) Walk-in shoe closet

image credit: closetfactory.com

This is a classic shoe storage solution. In this type of an organiser, the shoes are arranged in a way that shows them off from every angle giving you a beautiful artistic statement.it is most preferable by people who have big spaces. you can make it depending on the space you have, how many pair of shoes you own and the style that suits you best. Its can also double as a bag organiser.It can be in built or portable

2.) The ladder shoe rack

image source: coco29.com

Also known as Shoe pyramid stairs is a type is shoe rack you dont mind showing off. Though it takes up a lot of space this unique, simple but stylish shoe rack holds many pairs of shoes perfectly while displaying them for show. It is easy to access your shoes with this method because of the open ladder structure.

3.) Cubby shoe organizer

image source: chaussuresfemme

This hall storage cabinet is an open storage with different sized cubbies or cubes that depend on your preferable cabinet dimensions. Each  cubby fit one pair of shoes. The number of pairs it can hold again depends in the size of the cabinet. You can make or divide cubbie to you prefered style and size. The storage spaces can be used for more just shoes though like holding mail, keys, hats, scarves, and anything else you want to keep within easy access as your exit or enter your home.

4.) Storage ottomans

image source: h1.pinimg.com

Ottomans storage is perfect because it can be kept in any room without revealing what’s inside. It’s also multipurpose for you can sit on it when wearing your shoes or for resting your feet while sitted on a chair. It is pocket lined on the inside sides. These pockets keep your shoes together and the large pairs can rest on the space left in the middle.

5.) Rolling shoe bins

image source:icanteachmychild.com

These bins are helpful especially for bulky shoes or boots since all you need os to roll it in and out for you to pick the pair you want. The can fit underneath different space. They are also multi purpose and used for holding toys, blankets, books or any other household goods.

6.) Wine crates shoe rack

image source:pinterest.com

Instead of throwing away those old wine crates, you can turn them onto a beautiful shoe rack. You can hold the crates together, make floating shelves or make a design that suits your taste and design. These crates make it easy to arrange your shoes by size, colors or type because it holds several pairs in each compartment. When using this crates you are recycling something that could have been turned in garbage while keeping the shoes off of the floor.

7.) Under the stairs shoe organiser

image source: decorola.com

This is a great way to utilize your under the stairs space. You can play around with this space a create an organiser that goes well with your house design. You can make pull out drawers, cubbies, cubed or a tier shoe rack that fits the space. This will get your shoes off of the floor and keep them organised for easy access while saving same space.  

8.) Tier shoe rack

This is the all time classic shoe organiser, it never runs out of fashion. The hight,  width and length depend in the space you are working with or the pairs you have. You can make as many ties as possible for more shoes holding. This shoes rack is great for a beautiful display and easy accessibility of the shoes. For this type of an organiser you can diy, buy an already made and assemble it yourself or even buy that is already assembled.

9.) Over the door pockets shoe organizer

These are cleverly designed to hang over the door. These organisers fit perfectly over the different doors like bedroom, closet doors or on a room divider and give you a beautiful display while saving space. This method also helps keep the shoes off the floor and easily accessible. however.it does not hold so many pairs since you can only fit a single shoe in each pouch.

over the door pockets shoe organizer
image source: thespruce.com

10.) Rolling under the bed shoe holder

This is a great method especially when you are space strained. It helps you keep the shoes organised and out of sight. Also it’s easily accessible since just need to pull and and pick the pair you need then push it right back under the bed. You can make this organizer in different sizes as long as it fits under the bed. You can make one for under the chest of draws too.

11.) Hanging wall wood trim shoe rack

image source: geniabeme.com

This can be made from wood trims like the ones found around the edges of a ceiling and can be cut in the size or painted in the in the color of your liking. It is preferable for people with many pairs if heels since the heel rests on the outer edge of the trim and hangs downwards. It also gives you a beautiful display with or without shoes.

12.) Boxes

image source: hearstapps.com

You can original boxes to store your shoes especially the ones you don’t plan on wearing in a month’s time or two. This keeps the shoes organised and protected from dust. If you can’t locate the original boxes that the shoes come in you can use old wine boxes. These boxes are great because they come in compartments where the bottles stood so the shoes fit in perfectly and are well organised. You can keep these boxes under the bed, on top of each other and on top of the closet to help you save some space.

13.) Plastic container

image source: shoutincolor.com

These clear plastic containers are great for storage because you can see through it making it easy to select a pair while keeping the shoes organised and protected.they are great space savers and easy to access since all you need is to pull out the pair you need.

14.) Shoe cabinet folio

image Source: homebnc.com

Basically these are produce bins turned into a shoe rack also known as shoe holding bins. They can be stored anywhere in the house like in the living room, mad room or even on the foyer because when the drawers close no one will know what is in there. It helps in minimizing shoes clatter in your home since it can hold a lot of pairs depending on their size.

15.) Standing dowels shoe rack

This rack is made either from steel or wooden rods.You can place your shoe over each peg. This type is great since it keeps your shoes in shape especially the boots which is very important. It’s a great way to keep everything insight and does not take up a lot of space.

What other shoe storage solutions would you add to the list?

We hope these shoe storage solutions will help you keep your shoes organized for easy access and protection.

Do you have any other shoe storage solutions to add to the list? Tell us in the comment section below. We would love to hear all about it. Also, don’t forget to share with your friends, family and followers.



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