45 Fun Things To Do At Home With Kids To Keep Them Busy And Entertained

In today’s article: Creative and unique things to do at home with kids both indoors and outdoors!

Having kids at home is always a delight. However, keeping them busy and entertained can be a challenge. 

As a parent, I’m constantly looking for activities and fresh ideas for us to do together. This gives us time to bond and catch up. It also helps to keep my little ones in one area at a time which allows me to manage them easily.

We all know you can easily capture the kids’ attention, the difficult part is keeping it. That being said, it’s important to choose activities that are easy, fun, and entertaining. Also, they should add knowledge and positive values to the kids.

While doing these activities, allow the children to lead, choose activities that interest them, and reward them for the job well done. This will teach them how to be responsible and they will be looking forward to participating in the future.

Now, check out these fun things to do at home with kids for inspiration. 

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Things To Do At Home with kids

1.) Work Out 

Nothing beats a good workout session. Working out in the morning will give you an energy-packed day while in the evening you will have the most peaceful sleep.

During these hard times, it’s important to keep our minds off stressful thoughts. I believe work out is a great way to relieve stress and have fun.

The best part about working out is, you can do it as a family. The kids will love jumping up and down. Also, you don’t need a lot of space as you can do it in the living room or back yard and the exercise activities are endless.

2.) Baking And Cooking

Baking and cooking are some of my favorite fun things to do at home with kids. This is because the are a lot of recipes to try and endless meals you can prepare. From baking cookies, muffins, cakes to cooking different breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals.

Also, you can try different smoothies and juices recipes.

Involving the kids grantees you a dirty and messy kitchen. However, you will have the best bonding time, they will learn new recipes and you will have so much fun doing it together. This is better than just doing it alone.

3.) Playing Instruments And Singing

This is one of my favorite fun things to do at home with kids. It is fun, you get to be creative while perfecting your skills. Together with the kids, you can recreate different bands and play their songs over and over.

You can also redo famous songs from different decades and sing them to the top of your voices as a family band for fun.

4.) Movies

Watching movies and tv shows is a great way to spend time with the kids. You get to choose educational movies and supervise screen time. The movies will help the kids;

  • Learn about the history, environment, events that occurred at certain times, real people stories among others.
  • Change their perspective about certain things. For instance, if the kids watch a movie about how global warming, they might feel the need to take care of the environment more.
  • Become aware of what is happening around the world. A lot of movies are based on real-life events which allow the kids to learn so many things happening in the world.

5.) Declutter

I find decluttering so satisfying. You will be left enjoying clean organized spaces after doing it. What better way to declutter than doing it with the kids? Decluttering gives the kids give a sense of responsibility and they get to learn the importance of staying in clean spaces. It’s also, a great way to bond and spend more time with them. 

When decluttering clothes for both you and the kids, you can play dress up. Whereby, one tries the clothes on, and the other members vote whether to keep or to give away. This will make it fair and fun.

For the furniture, try rearranging the house in different styles. If a certain piece doest fit well within these styles, then it’s time to let it go.

Wondering what to do with the stuff after decluttering? Well, you can donate to the homeless, nursing homes, give to charity, or even have a garage sale. This way, the kids will learn how to share or they will earn allowers from the sales they make.

6.) DIY

Most kids enjoy DIY projects. This is because they are able to do something on their own without having to follow so many instructions. Also, kids DIY projects are endless. From crafting, science projects, cooking, painting, gardening to decorating.

Allow them to choose what I would love to do then do it together, supervise them or assist where need be. To make it fun, you can set an award to be given at the end of the project. This brings out their creativity and it keeps the kids interested.

7.) Gardening

Gardening is so much fun especially when you do it with the kids. Allow them to have their own garden and plants. This will keep them interested

8.) Pray

Teaching your children the importance of praying is one of the best gifts you can give them.

Most kids follow and do what their parents do. It’s therefore important for a parent to pray together with the kids. Let them pray during meals or anytime you are together as a family. This way, they get to practice and improve on how they do it.

9.) Nature talent

Find out what your kid is good at or what they love doing. If they are talented in a certain area do it together to help build their courage.

10.) Have an indoor picnic

You can do this in the living room by creating a park theme. Pack a few drinks and snacks in the picnic basket and pretend you’re going to the park. Enjoy your picnic!

Interesting Things To Do At Home with kids To Keep Them Entertained All Day

Things To Do At Home with kids

11.) Mow the lawn

12.) Decorate the bedrooms

13.) Construct a pet house

14.) Make candles

15.) Play with pets and teach them new tricks

16.) Play instruments drums, guitar, piano

17.) Hold a karaoke party

18.) Listen to podcasts

19.) Construct a treehouse

20.) Do science projects

21.) Play Charades

22.) Have a car wash party

23.) Make Halloween costumes 

24.) Acting games

25.) Watch funny youtube videos 

Unique Things To Do At Home with kids To Bring Out Creativity

Things To Do At Home with kids

26.) Build a sheet fort in the living room or bedroom

27.) Make DIY paper lamp shades

28.) Make TikTok videos

29.) Play basketball in the yard

30.) Make pizza and pretend you are on a tv cook show

31.) Have a book club

32.) Create a family tree

33.) Go on an indoor treasure hunt.

34.) Play indoor games

35.) Do mini mani and Pedi

36.) Have a fancy dinner where you also dress up

37.) Play indoor soccer

38.) Play dress up for different decades

39.) Face time while in different rooms and pretend you are in different cities

40.) Do a project using LEGO bricks

41.) Do house chores. A reward is given to the one who does his or hers the best

42.) Have a ping pong tournament in the garage

43.) Go camping in the living room

44.) Try and learn different languages

45.) Do makeup tutorials from YouTube

What Are Your Favorite Things To Do At Home With Kids?

What activities do you enjoy doing as a family? What are your favorite things to do at home with kids? I would love to hear all about it in the comment section below. Also, share these fun activities with your followers, friends, and family!


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