38 Great Family Movies You Should Watch Right Now

What better way to spend time with your family than watching family movies together? Whether you set up a family movie night or you just choose a day randomly, snuggling up on the couch as a family watching a movie is always a good idea.

Movies are a great source of entertainment and they are educational too. From movies, one can learn about different events that happened at a certain period of time. You can also learn about different cultures and political affairs from all corners of the world.

Also, when you watch a movie together, you get to air your opinion on particular topics that the movie is based on. It helps improve the family bond too.

Deciding on what movie to watch as a family can be tricky sometimes. This is because every member of the family has their own tastes and preferences.

That being said, I have compiled 38 awesome family movies that will help you choose what to watch next. Enjoy!

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Best Family Movies To Watch With Your Kids

#1 Incredible 2

It’s a 2018 American animated superhero produced by Pixar and released by Walt Disney Pictures.

It’s about restoring public faith in superheroes, a task given to Helen who set son a mission to catch a supervillain as Bob’s faces stay at home parenting challenges.

#2 Ralph breaks the internet

It’s a 2018 American 3d animated comedy film produced by Walt Disney animation studios and distributed by Walt Disney

#3 Klaus

It’s about a postman who proves to be the worst so he’s posted to a frozen town where he discovers Santa’s hiding place

#4 The royal baby

The royal family hosts royals from faraway kingdoms but peace is disrupted when a priceless treaty disappears and an ancient curse threatens the family

#5 The Cinderella story

It’s a fairy tale of an oppressed girl who later triumphs in great fortune and love

#6 Invader Zim

It’s a comic book serious that has been animated

#7 Free rein

It’s a family drama about a 15-year-old who goes for a summer vacation and bonds with a mysterious horse

#8 Mowgli

It’s about a human kid raised by a wolf pack in the jungle and learns how to survive the harsh rules of the jungle all the while being hunted by a tiger

#9 Metwo strikes back

It’s a 2019 Japanese animated film directed by Kunihiko Yuyuma and Monotori Sakakibara

#10 Ni no kuni

It’s a role-playing video game serious about a boy who embarks on a journey to another world to save his mother and stop beckoning evil

Funny Family Movies You Will Enjoy As A Family

Funny family movies

#11 Go! The unforgettable party

It’s an American comedy special where the main characters vacation with her dad is interrupted when the school drama moved to the lakes side

#12 Aladdin

It’s about a magic power lamp that unleashes a power, wise cracking larger than life genie

#13 The secret life of pets

It’s an American 3d computer animated film. Its about a character named max and his pet friends and their secret lives after their owners leave them for work or school.

#14 Spies in disguise

It’s an American computer-animated spy comedy

#15 Super monsters

Kids of monsters have to attend a special preschool where they train the skills inherited from their parents

#16 Kong: King of apes

It’s a tv series where Kong works with a few kids to fight scientists who are about to unleash evil robotic dinosaurs

#17 Tarzan and Jane

It’s bout a boy who survives a plane crash acquiring supernatural powers in the process and joins forces with Jane a city girl to protect his jungle home from threats

#18 Mary and the witch’s flower

Mary discovers an old broomstick and a strange flower with power as she’s following a mysterious cat. The flower and broom whisk her away into the clouds and the adventures begin

#19 Spirited away

It’s a thrilling a bit scary animation about a young boys adventures

#20 My neighbor Totoro

The character move to a new house so as to be closer to the hospital their mother is in and soon form a friendship with a giant rabbit like creature who is a spirit

Inspirational Family Movies For The Kids

#21 The little prince

It’s about young boys adventures from one planet to another

#22 My spy

When a young girl catches a spy spying on her family she blackmails him into teaching her how to be a spy but it soon turns out it’s not as easy as she thought

#23 Bad boys

While investigating a drug deal partners Marcus and mike assume each other’s identity which complicates things for them

#24 Coffee and Kareem

While trying to scare away her mother’s new boyfriend, Kareem stumbles upon a secret network of criminal activity which brings on a lot of problems to his family

#25 Main event

An 11 year old aspiring wrestler enters a competion to become the next superstar after discovering a magical mask that might help him

#26 Next gen

It’s a about a rebellious girl and runaway combat robot who unite stop a technological plan for world domination

#27 Back of the net

It’s an Australian family movie that shows the power of working together

#28 Candy jar

It’s an American   comedy about a high school girl  who falls in love with a wealthy nemesis but discovers they have a lot more in common than they thought

#29 Benji

It’s a family drama about how a dog helps heal a broken family after saving the kids from serious danger

#30 More than puppy love

It’s a family drama about a young person hard decision when her new dog seems to be the only hope for a paralyzed person

Educational Family Movies You Will Enjoy As A Family

Family movies

#31 Smitty

A young boy is sent over to the grandparent’s farm so as to stay out of teenage trouble where he meets a dog that helps him realize the importance of family, friendship and responsibility

#32 I heart shakey

A couple is faced with a hard decision to give up their dog after moving into a new apartment that doesn’t allow pets

#33 Huge

A struggling comedian teams up with a waiter to bring down a rival but soon discover how hard the comedy world is.

#34 The princess switch

A princess wanted to experience a normal life and so switched places with her a look alike where they all end u falling in love with each other’s beaus


A species of creatures get rebellious about their life and embark on a journey to look for city of uprights

#36 Kings of mulberry street

It’s a brilliant story about friendships

#37 Hook

It’s a better peter pan trying to save his abducted kids

#38 Scoop

A guy finds a family that still lives in the old times and in caves so he tries to bring them to civilization

What Are Your Favorite Family Movies?

What family movies would you recommend? I would love to hear all about it in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to share this list with your family and friends.


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