20 Women Empowerment Movies That Inspire Courage and Confidence

Women Empowerment Movies That Inspire Courage and Confidence

These women empowerment movies will inspire you to fight harder for what you believe in. They are about people who went the extra mile to get what they wanted.

There are so many forms of entertainment out there but nothing beats good movies. Movies are entertaining, inspirational and educative.

With a good movie, you are able to relieve stress, have a good laugh, enjoy a thrilling experience and even learn a thing or two about life. It also improves your social life as you can decide to watch one with old friends or make new ones at the theater.

Family movie time is also great because it brings family members together, which strengthens the family bond and improves communication.

Whether you decide to watch a movie at home or in the theaters, in the end, your spirits will definitely be lifted.

A good movie over wine or your favorite drink and snack, with great company or solo, is always a win on any given day. In that regard, below is our list of women empowerment movies that will inspire courage and confidence in you.

These women empowerment movies are about people who went the extra mile to fight for what the wanted or believed in. Every time you feel defeated, watching one of these movies will motivate you to fight harder.

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Women empowerment movies that will inspire courage and confidence in you

Spy – 2015

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Action

Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) is a desk-bound CIA agent who remotely assists her partner.

After her partner falls off the grid, a chance to go undercover arises and she takes up the role. With her unsuspecting looks, she fits the role perfectly.

This role takes her on a very dangerous mission where she takes down a deadly arms dealer and prevents a global disaster.

This movie is all about women empowerment, and it shows that women can do anything as long as they are courageous enough.

War Room – 2015

Genre: Drama

Marriage can be hard, but with prayers, everything works out perfectly. This movie follows the lives of a young family with a bright future ahead of them.

Tony (T.C. Stallings), a well-paid salesman, is married to Elizabeth (Priscilla Shirer) a realtor, and together they have a beautiful daughter.

Elizabeth suspects tony is having an affair, which makes her mad and bitter. But on the verge of their marriage falling, Elizabeth meets an elderly client, Miss Clara (Karen Abercrombie), who encourages her to dedicate a room as a war room where she can be praying from.

Their marriage changes for the better with her prayers and they have a happy ending.

He Named Me Malala – 2015

Genre: Documentary

This movie is based on the true story of young Pakistani female activist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Malala Yousafzai.

Malala, at the age of 15, was shot in the head and severely wounded by the Taliban for fighting for other young girls to get an education.

But this didn’t stop her, she is still campaigning that every girl in every corner of the world should get an education.

In this series of women empowerment movies, this film takes the lead to show how powerful a woman is at any given age and the importance of fighting for that you really believe in.

Conviction – 2010

Genre: Drama, Biography

This film follows the story of a brother and his sister, Kenny (Sam Rockwell) and Betty Anne Waters (Hilary Swank), who separate when Kenny is accused and convicted for murder.

To prove Kenny is innocent, Betty starts an incredible journey of becoming a lawyer. But first, she has to go back to high school for her G.E.D, to college and then join law school. And she does all this while still being a single mom.

It takes Betty 18 years to overturn Kenny’s conviction. Despite all the trials she faces she doesn’t give up.

Determination, perseverance and never giving up is what this movie, based on a true story, is all about.

Breakthrough – 2019

Genre: Biography, Drama

Breakthrough is a Christian drama movie based on true events written by Joyce Smith with Ginger Kolbaba in their book, “The Impossible”.

The movie follows the story of a 14-year-old John Smith (Marcel Ruiz) who slips through an icy lake and stays underwater for 15 mins. After being rescued, he goes into a comma.

Brian Smith (Josh Lucas) and Joyce Smith (Chrissy Metz), John’s adoptive parents’ faith is tested when going through this ordeal. But Joyce’s faith is unmoved and with prayers, John survives.

This movie is heartbreaking, emotional and encouraging. It will restore your faith and belief that miracles do happen.

Women empowerment movies for smart, confident & courageous girls

She’s The Man – 2006

Genre: Comedy, Romance

This is the story of a girl who loves playing soccer, and she will do it by all means! So, when Viola’s (Amanda Bynes) soccer team is discontinued, she comes up with a plan.

She decides to go play for one of the most elite schools’ soccer team but they only allow boys. That’s when she decides to disguise herself as her brother so she can join the team. And she is successful.

She later falls in love with her roommate Duke (Channing Tatum) and they have a happy ending.

This movie will inspire you to do what you love no matter how difficult the circumstances might be.

Freedom writers – 2007

Genre: Drama, Crime, Biography

This is a true-story movie about a young female teacher who gets her first job to teach freshman and sophomore English at Woodrow Wilson High School, in 1994.

However, she faces the shock of her life when shes unable to control her students and also finds out the members of staff aren’t so welcoming.

She is teaching at-risk students from all backgrounds who are forced to come to school and whom nobody seems to care about. These students are unruly and they don’t want to be there.

After a lot of struggle and determination, she is able to gain the students’ respect and she starts to change their lives gradually.

She does this by giving them an opportunity to tell their stories and actually listening to them. She shows them that they are worth her time. Her passion helps the students heal, change their mindset and become better people.

The Blind Side – 2009

Genre: Drama, Sport, Biography

Based on true events, this film follows the story of a traumatized homeless boy who finds love and care in his newly-found family.

With the love and help of his new mom, who pushes and encourages him beyond limits, he goes ahead to become an All-American football player and first-round NFL draft pick.

This movie will inspire you to help wholeheartedly without limits.

Baggage claim – 2013

Genre: Comedy

This movie is about a flight attendant, Montana Moore (Paula Patton), who travels all over the world but can’t find the right man to marry her despite age catching up with her.

Montana is under pressure from her mom to get a perfect date and fiance for her younger sister’s wedding.

Despite going on various dates and even reconnecting with exes, Montana is yet to be happy with any of them.

But she finally finds true love in her best friend who has been around all through. They then have a happy ending.

Courageous – 2009

Genre: Drama

Courageous is arguably one of the best Christian movies ever made. It follows the lives of four lawmakers and the challenges they face every day.

This movie challenges fathers to make a difference in the world, starting with their homes.

This movie will help you have a better relationship with your kids and help you tackle different situations better.

More women empowerment movies that will inspire you to fight for what you want

Moana – 2016

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, Family

This movie follows the story of a girl who fell in love with the sea or rather was chosen by the sea. She is the daughter of the chief of her tribe and the princess who will rule the tribe.

The people on this island believe that they shouldn’t go beyond the island because if they do, they will certainly die. However, the island itself is dying.

Against her fathers’ wishes, Moana decides to go to the ocean to find Mawi, a demi-god who brought all these problems to her island. She fights with the god fearlessly and saves her island eventually.

Million Dollar Baby – 2004

Genre: Drama, Sport

With determination and hard work, you can archive anything. This is what this award-winning movie is all about. It follows the story of a waitress, Maggie Fitzgerald (Hillary Swank), who becomes a boxer.

Although it’s not easy, she manages to convince a hardened veteran boxing trainer Frankie Dunn (Clint Eastwood) to be her trainer.

They form a great bond and Maggie keeps surprising Frankie with her determination. This leads her to great wins and turns her into the professional she always wanted to be. It also helps Frankie recorrect his past mistakes.

Hidden Figures – 2017

Genre: Drama

This is a film about three African-American women who work at NASA and are dealing with racial prejudice because of their skin color.

They face so many difficulties because a lot of people aren’t allowing them to do what they need to do. Like when they aren’t allowed in certain areas, access to important files or restrooms.

Despite all these challenges, they go on to create different formulas that help people go to space. Their determination will encourage you to push on no matter what.

Mulan – 1998- 2009

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Action, Family

This is one of my favorite Disney animated women empowerment movies. Mulan (Ming-Na Wen) is a young girl from china who fearlessly goes to war to fight after her country is attacked.

When every male is forced to join the army, Mulan disguises herself as her father to join the army. Unfortunately, her true identity is revealed. But she doesn’t give up despite the many challenges that follow.

She goes ahead and saves her country, which brings honor to her family for being fearless and being true to who she is. This movie is as much on female empowerment as it is on self-empowerment.

Wild – 2014

Genre: Drama, Adventure, History, Biography

Sometimes nothing seems to work in our lives. That’s what happens to Cheryl Strayed (Reese Witherspoon) in this movie.

After the death of her mother, the ending of her marriage and other unfortunate happenings in her life, Cheryl decides to go on a life-changing journey to help her put her life back together.

Without previous hiking experience, Cheryl embarks on a 1,100-mile hike on the Pacific Crest Trail, one of the toughest and longest trails in America, all by herself.

This movie will inspire you to change your life for the better, no matter how hard you have to work for it.

What Men Want – 2019

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

After working her ass off to become a great sports agent in a male-dominated field, Ali Davis (Taraji P. Henson) is denied a well-deserved promotion.

Due to the frustrations, she goes on a drinking spree with her friends where she drinks a concoction given by a psychic that gives her the power to hear men’s thoughts.

Using this newfound secret, Ali is able to beat these men to their game to win a high profile client. She later quits to go and start her own agency.

This movie will encourage you to go for what you want no matter what.

Thelma And Louise – 1991

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Adventure, Crime

This is a fun and well-written road trip movie about two best friends going for a fishing trip in search of freedom.

However, they get on the wrong side of the law when Louise shoots and kills a man who tries to rape Thelma.

While the movie makes it clear how much trouble they are in, they never lose their sense of fun and they seem to enjoy their newly found freedom from their dull unfulfilling lives.

This is because they haven’t hurt anyone directly except the rapist who deserves it. This movie is funny, dramatic, liberating and it will inspire you to move from bad situations and explore more.

The spy who dumped me – 2018

Genre: Comedy, Action

This movie follows the story of two best friends, Audrey (Mila Kunis) and Morgan (Kate McKinnon), who get caught up in an international conspiracy unknowingly.

Before Audrey gets over being dumped by her boyfriend who had disappeared on her, everything comes falling down when he comes back being followed by gunmen.

That’s when she realizes he was a spy and he begs her to complete his mission.
To get their freedom back, these best friends have to fight the most dangerous drug lords who think they have a package that was left by the ex-spy.

Their best friends’ bond and support for each other will help them fight and overcome this conspiracy and gain their freedom.

Which of these women empowerment movies is your favorite?

In my opinion, each one of these movies has a unique aspect of empowerment in it. Despite being entertaining, they are educative, inspirational and encouraging.

Hopeful, these films have motivated you to go for what you believe in, regardless of circumstance.

Did you enjoy these women empowerment movies? Which of the movies resonated with you best? Feel free to share with us your thoughts in the comment section below. And if you have any other favorite inspirational movies to add, don’t hesitate to mention it. We would love to hear all about it.


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