20 Best Women Body Shapers – Amazon Best Sellers

A body shaper is an essential undergarment for any woman who loves to look elegant. They help flaunt you in all the right places and it makes your clothes fit even better.

Are you looking for the best women body shapers? I understand that there are lots of body shapers in the market which makes it really hard to pick one! Shopping and settling for one can be a little overwhelming too. You have to do your research well before settling for one. Also, remember what works for your friend will most probably not work for you. 

If you are having trouble settling for your best body shaper, I got your back in this article. I have reviewed the 20 best women body shapers for you. Go through these body shapers and choose what suits you best. 

Let’s get started.

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Best Women Body Shapers For All Body Sizes

1.    Irisnaya Shapewear Bodysuit 

If you are looking for a body shaper that would perfectly fit and curve your body, look no further. The Irisnaya Shapewear curves amazingly around your waist and hips, while lifting your butt and improving your body and back posture.

It is thick enough to control body lumps and bumps, and thin enough not to deform normal clothing. Also, its made of a smooth, silky, comfortable and breathable material.

You will love that it is adjustable and has a hook and eye closure at the crotch, making it easy for you to go to the bathroom. You can wear this to any event from casual, official to sporty. 

It comes in either Apricot or black. 


  • Highly breathable
  • Widened shoulder straps reduce pressure build-up
  • Versatile; you can wear it under any cloth and on any occasion
  • Strong durable material; 40% spandex and 60% nylon


  • Tends to flatten the boobs and result to side boobs

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2. Gotoly Women Body Shaper

If you are a fan of fitting dresses, you will love the performance of this body shaper. It hides all the bumps around the tummy, hips, and butt. It fits so smoothly nobody will realize you have it on.  

It is made of soft and comfortable material. The breathable material wicks away moisture, ensuring you remain comfortable all day long. For a sexier look, laces have been fixed at the hip edge of this shaper. 

This body shaper is versatile. It will fit with anything you want to wear. A lot of shapers will make a fitting dress appear deformed. This shaper is a sure way to acquire an hour-glass figure for revealing clothes. 

It comes in beige, black and red. 


  • Feels soft against the skin
  • Breathable fabric is comfortable
  • Thin enough to give a smooth effect on fitting clothes
  • Versatile- can be worn on any occasion
  • Hides all the bumps and lumps on your abdomen


  • The metal reinforcement on the backside may pop out if you are not careful when wearing it

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3. Robert Matthew Women Shapewear

If you would love a slimming effect, especially around your tummy, go for this body shaper.This high waist body shaper is lightweight, breathable and easy to put on.

The lightweight and seamless design make it suitable for any outfit, even leggings, and jeans. This makes it friendly for all seasons.

The rigid material flattens the stomach and butt bumps adequately. It gives you the slimming effect you need. 


  • Flattens stomach fat
  • Fits perfectly and comfortably
  • Suitable for any clothing, thanks to its lightweight and seamless design
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Doesn’t roll


  • The crotch design makes it hectic for you to go to the bathroom

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4. Yianna Women’s body shaper

If you are looking for a waist trainer that would give a slimmer impression at your waistline, this is your ideal body shaper. The 100% latex body shaper is perfect for yoga, belly fat control and postpartum.

It quickens the postpartum recovery. Also, it gives your waist three sizes smaller impression. The comfort of this trainer is excellent. You can walk around and bend with ease. 

 It has a hook and eye closure design, with three rows of the eyes. This makes it adjustable to fit you perfectly. 


  • High compression ability around the waist
  • Fits comfortably
  • Highly adjustable
  • Versatile, for yoga, postpartum and belly fat control


  • Some people who own it complain of rashes and burns on the first days of use.

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5. Nebility Women Waist Trainer Shapewear

If you are looking for a body shaper that would flatten your tummy, and lift your butt simultaneously, you will love the performance of this.

This high waist shaper fits up to just below the boobs. The midsection has two layers of fabric, to ensure your stomach looks flatter. The panty area is also made to lift your butt. 

The seamless design of this shaper makes it suitable to wear under any clothes. It is made of spandex and high-quality polyamide. The crotch area is made of cotton, making it ideal for everyday use. 


  • Comfortable and breathable material
  • Gives a slimmer look around the stomach
  • High-quality material makes it suitable for everyday wear


– Has back rolls

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Best Women Body Shapers You Can Wear All Day

6. Empetua Shapermint High Waisted Body Shaper

A lot of short-design body shapers come in very short shorts. These short shorts do not work well if you would love to soften bumps and lumps on your thighs.

If you would like a shaper with longer shorts, go for Empetua Shapermint high waisted body shaper. 

The shaper is designed to flatten your stomach, lift your butt while giving a smoother look for it hides all bumps and lumps. 

You can choose from nude or black. 


  • Longer shorts
  • Provides butt lift and tummy tuck simultaneously 
  • Comfortable material that lets you run your errands comfortably
  • Comes with a silicone strip that prevents rolling
  • Seamless, unnoticeable design


  • Having bathroom time can be hectic

7. Brabic Upper Arm Shaper

If you have trouble with arm fat, I highly recommend this arm shaper. The three-quarter arm design arm shaper is shaped like a crop top which has eye closure hooks just below the boobs.

This arm shaper slims your upper back and arms and won’t stop you from flaunting your cleavage. It hides any bulges, bumps, and flab. Also, it fits well and comfortably.

The shaper not only slims your back flab and arms, but it also improves your body posture.  You can also use this to quicken recovery after liposuction surgery. The color options are beige and black. 


  • Slims flabby arms effectively
  • Improves body posture
  • Doesn’t interfere with bra and cleavage area
  • Tucks in armpit fat 


  • Works exclusively well with long-sleeved clothes

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8. LadySlim by NuvoFit Lady

This is another waist trimmer whose performance is exemplary. It trims down your waist to three sizes smaller. If you are struggling with fat around your waist, you will love this.

It has three rows of hook and eye closure to allow for adjustment. It is made with 100% latex. The innermost layer is made of absorbent material to absorb sweat.

You will love the sauna effect of this shaper.The latex material increases the temperatures around your abdomen. This results in sweating, which in turn results in body reshaping for it gradually eliminates excessive fat deposits. Also, it has an Amazing posture correct feature that eliminates back pains.

It comes in black and different printed colors. 


  • Fits comfortably 
  • Tucks in belly fat
  • Improves body posture
  • Absorbent material makes it even more comfortable
  • Sauna effect helps reduce fat deposits


  • No size fits long torsos. It was designed for short torsos. 

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9. Shaperx Women Shapewear

Shaperx women shapewear can help you achieve that sexy and curvy feminine silhouette in dresses. The high waist design tucks in the tummy, leaving your waistline looking smaller than ever before.

If you’ve been looking to get rid of the excess armpit fats, this shapewear will help you immobilize it effectively. It will gradually help you achieve a flatter and firmer tummy, reduce your waistline, improve your body posture and support your back and spine. It is also ideal for postpartum recovery. 

It has an open breast design that lets you wear your bra normally and have your cleavage whenever you want to. The open zipper design makes this shapewear easy to wear and take off. The elastic mesh design ensures your skin remains fresh all day long. 


  • Fits comfortably and lets you carry errands normally
  • The lacy design at the thigh edges look sexy
  • Tucks in the stomach while lifting the butt, it gives you a sexy feminine figure
  • The mesh design ensures you stay fresh all day long
  • Open breast designs let you wear your bra normally
  • Seamless and doesn’t show under clothes


  • Doesn’t work well with unpadded bras

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10. Roseate Women’s Body Shaper

If you are looking for the shaper to add in your fitness routine, look no further than Roseate Women’s Body Shaper. It is made of 15% nylon, 70% neoprene and 15% polyester. You will love that this material wicks sweat.

This shaper fits comfortably, allowing you to move even in the most vigorous exercises. This shaper will be instrumental in helping you burn calories. The neoprene heats during exercises, increasing your body temperatures.

It induces sweating up to three times more. It will eventually help you achieve a desirable natural shape for it will help you get rid of back rolls and love handles. Any bulges in your abdomen will be eliminated. 


  • Makes you achieve your fitness goals with less effort
  • The moisture-wicking property ensures you stay dry on the outside
  • Helps you improve your body posture
  • The material helps you retain body heat for longer workouts
  • It will match well with your fitness tops
  • Compression design enables you to achieve your desired fitness goals


  • Difficult to take off for women with large busts

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Best Women Body Shapers You Must Buy Now

11. ChongErfei Postpartum shapewear

Getting rid of the pregnancy pouch can be stressful and hectic. If you are looking for a postpartum shapewear, consider purchasing this one. This belt helps your body get back to its standard shape after childbirth. 

It shrinks the uterus to its standard size while supporting the abdominal and back muscles. It will help you look slimmer around the tummy in no time.

You can readjust it to be as tight as you wish. You can fasten the three belts for maximum support, two for medium and one for minimum support. Besides postpartum, this can work for anyone who had surgery that resulted in loose tummy skin and back pains. 

 It comes in black, beige and white. 


  • Shrinks the postpartum belly back to normal
  • Adjustable to fit as you desire
  • Provides comfortable support
  • Guarantees your body shape back


– Gives uneven appearance in fitting dresses

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12. Ursexyly Women Waist Trainer

The versatility of this waist trainer is just incredible. You can use it for the gym, thanks to its fantastic sauna effect and comfort. You can use it for yoga, official and casual events. It is also great for postpartum. It has a double-layer design to increase its compression ability.

The double-layer design not only tucks in your stomach but also provides excellent support to your back. The upper layer is fastened using a zipper. The inner layer is locked using a hook and eye closure. This corset is also a great gym accessory for it promotes body heat during work out. This sauna effect will help you burn excess calories. 


  • Versatile; works well for any occasion including postpartum
  • Tucks in the stomach giving you an attractive silhouette
  • The interior layer is made of cotton; it feels great against the skin
  • Does not roll down


– Too long for short torsos

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13. Burvogue Waist Trainer

Burvogue Waist trainer works perfectly in sucking in extra fat in your tummy area. The trainer gives you a fantastic silhouette. No more unsightly bulges whenever you wear fitting clothes.

The waist trainer is fitted with four rows of hook and eye closures. This allows you to adjust your trainer to suit your comfort.  It has a corset shaper that prevents it from rolling. The waist cincher on it helps correct your standing and sitting posture. It will help boost your height from a hunchback posture. 

This corset also helps new mothers to recover from the postpartum body. 

 It comes in black and skin. 


  • It is comfortable to use it for any occasion
  • Fits comfortably without any bulges
  • Versatile
  • Gives a perfect and sexy feminine figure
  • Accelerates sweating ideal for losing excess belly fat


– Doesn’t fit perfectly on long torsos

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14. DIANE & GEORDI 2396 Fajas Body Shaper

This body shaper is ideal for a slimmer and a sexier look. It reduces the size of your waistline while moulding your torso into an attractive shape. You will also love that it enhances your butt and waist. You are assured that you will look great and curvy with any outfit you put on. 

This body shaper is also great for postpartum recovery. It is strong seams will have you recover your body in no time. The design will remain invisible; nobody will notice you are wearing it.

The zippers are so flat they will nobody will see any bumps. Besides, the model does not interfere with the breast area. You can have on your bra and cleavage as usual. Moreover, they fit so comfortably you will forget that you have a shaper on. The straps are widened to prevent a build-up of pressure. 

 It comes in black and beige. 

  • It lifts the butt and sucks in the stomach effectively
  • It remains invisible even on fitting clothes
  • Can be worn on any occasion
  • Doesn’t interfere with the bust area


– The lacy part on the thighs roll up

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15. Nebility Women Butt Lifter Shapewear

If you would love a boost on your butt, you should consider this shapewear. Its performances will give your butt a lift; you will completely forget about a sagging butt.

It has a full-butt panty that will tighten and lift your butt. This is a sure way to make your butt appear bigger and curvier. Its waist slimming property will hold in your stomach, giving you a perfect silhouette. The double control feature will tighten your abdomen.

You will completely forget about a saggy and bumpy belly. The breathable and comfortable fabric is very smooth and soft. It has tiny holes that let your skin breathe, a sure way to stay cool and fresh all day long. 


  • Has small holes to enhance breathability
  • Sucks in the stomach resulting in a perfect hour-glass figure
  • Comfortable to wear all day long
  • Lifts and tightens the butt


– Too short for long torsos

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Best Women Body Shapers To Wear With Your Dresses

16. Sunzel Women’s Body shaper

The softness of this body shaper is just incredible. It feels heavenly against the skin. It is made of 80% nylon and 20% elastane. If you have been having trouble with thin straps, this would be suitable for you.

The stripes are wide enough to prevent any pressure build-up. The removable straps help the shaper stay in place. There will be no rolling. The adjustable hooks make it easier for you to go to the bathroom.

It provides an all-round slimming effect. It sucks in tummy fats and love handles, leaving you with a perfect curvy figure. The U-shaped bust design lets you wear your bra and show cleavage as usual. It does not interfere with the bust area. 


  • This is versatile- you can wear it to any event
  • It feels soft against the skin
  • It is highly breathable- keeping you cool all day long
  • It remains in position all day long, thanks to its sturdy straps
  • Easy to go to the bathrooms, thanks to the hook and eye closure at the crotch 


– The hooks are too little and challenging to close

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17. VENUZOR Waist Trainer

This stretchy waist trainer is made of 100% latex. This means it’s strong, stretchy, durable and easy to clean. It will also not irritate your skin. You should consider this for getting rid of postpartum fat.

This waist trimmer is also ideal for sports and exercise. It is wide enough to cover your stomach area and induce a weight loss journey. The mesh design makes it highly breathable.

You are sure to keep calm and fresh on every occasion.  You will love that it provides tummy, back and lumbar support. This helps you trim your waist while still managing to improve your posture. 


  • Very comfortable to have this own
  • Trims the size of the waist and love handles
  • Improves body posture
  • Gives sauna effect for exercising
  • Stays in position and doesn’t roll


  • It works well for women with minimal body fat. It does not support too large tummies and love handles well. 

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18. Gotoly Women Waist And Arm Shaper

If you are looking for a waist and arm shaper all in one, then this would suit you best. A lot of people struggling with abdomen fat also struggle with upper arm flab. This shaper helps you achieve a slimmer look around your waistline and arm. 

The fabric of this shaper is moisture-wicking, soft, elastic and stretchable. It will be gentle on your skin even after surgery. It has a hook and eye closure on its front. You can adjust the shaper to fit your desired tightness. 

The arm shaper compression is made possible by the stretchable long-sleeved arms. This feature will reduce the flab on your arm and the upper part of your back. You will forget about back rolls while wearing this shaper. 

It provides a high compression on the tummy area, sucking in tummy fats. It will surely leave you looking curvier than ever before. You can use this for liposuction, post-surgery, and postpartum. You can wear this on an everyday occasion. 

 Comes in black and beige. 


  • Slims waistline, back, and upper arm simultaneously
  • Comfortable for daily errands
  • Adjustable and stretchy
  • Moisture-wicking to keep you cool
  • No pressure build-up on shoulders


-Works well with long-sleeved clothes

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19. SEXYWG Women Waist Cincher Body Shaper

This body shaper is in the design of a high- waist thong. It focuses on lifting the butt naturally and trimming down the waist size. It is perfect for slimming your waist in basically any occasion. Its light-boning feature prevents it from rolling down when you wear it. 

The four built-in spiral steel bones are made to help improve your body posture. They are easily bendable and will recover to the original shape quickly. So do not worry about carrying out your daily errands while wearing this. 

 It comes in beige and black


  • Lifts the butt naturally
  • Slims down the waist
  • Improves body posture
  • Seamless and invisible under the clothes


– More suitable for people with a lower tummy pouch

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20. Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear

For a slimmer looking mid-section on dresses, consider going for this shaper. Other than slimming the midsection, this maiden-form shaper boosts your breasts naturally.

I highly recommend this share to women who would love to look curvier in their wedding dresses. The straps are removable so that you can wear this in strapless clothes. 

 It has a hook and eye closure


  • Slims your midsection effectively
  • Removable and adjustable straps
  • Gives an hour-glass figure in dresses
  • It is invisible under the dress. 


– Works well in dresses only

What Are Your Best Women Body Shapers?

Body shapers are a great way to look elegant in any piece of clothing. Having excess fats, especially around the waistline, can be quite frustrating. A body shaper is a perfect way to achieve an attractive feminine figure. Unfortunately, the stores are flooded with body shapers. I am sure you got a little confused. 

With the review of these body shapers, I believe you will find the perfect fit for you. Once you settle for your ideal shaper, ensure you get the right size. Purchase one and watch yourself turn heads whenever you hit the road. 

What are your best women body shapers? I would love to hear all about it in the comment section below!


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