15+ Flattering Plus Size Outfit Ideas That Are So Easy To Put Together

Plus size outfit ideas

Do you want to discover some trendy plus size outfit ideas?

The right plus size outfit will leave you feeling comfortable, confident and happy. However, finding the right outfit as a plus-size woman can sometimes be hard.

Some outfits can make you look bigger than you actually are. Others will make you look shorter, while others hug your body in the wrong way and bring out the features you don’t like about your body.

Plus size outfit ideas for women
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But, if you know your body type, choosing the right plus size outfit will be easier. Knowing your body helps you know the areas to flaunt and how to work with those you don’t like so much.

Also, know your body measurements – your bust, waist, butt, hips. And when you are shopping, choose the right fabric. This will help you when shopping online and it reduces frustration and feeling overwhelmed when you go to the store because you already know the size to pick.

As a plus-size, avoid rounded shoes whether flats or heels. Rounded shoes make your legs look shorter while pointed shoes elongate your legs and give the illusion that they are longer than they actually are.

Wear the right undergarments because they affect how your outfit looks at the end. Example, when you wear a very tight bra, it will draw all the attention to your back fat. A tight pant leaves undesired lines and muffin-top, while a body shaper will give you a defined shape.

That said, below is our list of plus size outfit ideas for you to try out.

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Trendy plus size outfit ideas

Little black dress

Plus size outfit ideas little black dress
Image source: beauticurve.com

Who doesn’t love a little black dress? This dress has a way of making women feel cute, fashionable and confident. A little black dress is an essential in every woman’s wardrobe because it’s an all-occasion, all-year-round type of dress.

When it comes to little black dresses, there is a whole range of designs and fabrics to choose from for a perfect plus size outfit for any body type. The fit, structure, material length and style will depend on your taste and preference.

You can wear your black dress to work, parties or any other occasion. All you need is a nice pair of shoes and accessories for different seasons.

High waist skinny jean

Plus size outfit ideas High waist skinny jeans

Skinny jeans have been around for a long time in the fashion industry. This is because they are fashionable, trendy and work with all body types. Skinny jeans are an all year go-to piece. Meaning you can wear them in all seasons.

A high waist pair works well with plus size women because it covers your belly and defines your waistline. All you need is to find a stretchy, perfect-fitting pair then style with the right top. Also, go with the darker shades since dark colors always minimize your body size. They make you look slim and long.

Avoid low rise jeans because they will give you muffin-tops, subdivide your belly and enhance the love handles.

Bodycon dress

Trendy plus size clithing Bodycon dress
Image source:stylefemale.com

A bodycon dress shows the most features in your body. It’s therefore important to choose a dress with thick but stretchy material.

Most plus size women are afraid to wear this type of dress because it hugs the body so tightly and it may show some features they don’t like about their bodies.

However, this dress can make a perfect plus size outfit if worn correctly. You can achieve this by wearing shapewear undergarment with structured dress material.

I love the bodycon dress because it’s a multipurpose dress. You can dress it up or down and grace any occasion from parties, baby showers, work to brunch with the girls.

You can pair it with a leather jacket, kimono, denim jacket, blazer or any other outwear you like. Also, the pair of shoes you choose depends on the occasion and season. These include sandal, heel, boots, and sneakers.

Casual plus size outfit ideas

Monochromatic colors

Affordable plus size clothing black top
Image source: looksglam.com

Dressing in one color makes you look thin and longer. With this plus size outfit idea, all you need it to pick a neutral color like black, blue, army green, grey or nude. To add some spice to the outfit, you can layer it with a popping color jacket, scarf, earrings or shoes.

Also, if you are using a solid color, you can use different textures and fabrics. Like a cotton top, denim jeans and a leather jacket.

When you dress in two colors or prints, the attention is drawn to where these colors meet, which is mainly at the waist.

Pleated skirt

plus size womens trendy clothing Pleated skirt
Image source: bellanaija.com

This skirt is taking the fashion industry by storm. This is because it’s sophisticated, sleek and comfortable. However, there are so many mixed opinions about it. Many people feel it’s hard to pull it off in an outfit but if you can manage to, it will bring out your sense of style in a great way.

The thing I love about this skirt is it’s a combination of sophistication and street style. Also, it’s a high waist, which defines your waist perfectly and flows freely to the rest of your body.

A pleated skirt is great for all body types. Don’t be afraid to rock it. You can pair your pleated skirt with a variety of tops; from tunk tops and pull neck to romantic blouses. Also, try different types of shoes to pull off your favorite and comfortable look.

Denim on denim

Plus size outfit ideas Denim on denim
Image source:designerzcentral.com

This is the easiest and most simple design in this list of plus size outfit ideas. It is cute, fashionable and creates a fun casual look.

You can wear this outfit all year round. All you need is the right pair of shoes for different seasons and coats and jackets to layer it up for the chilly weather.

You can rock different shades of denim to pull off your desired look. For a slim elongated look, go for the darker shades and make sure the jeans hit your ankle. Also, you can dress up or down depending on the occasion or event.

Elegant plus size outfit ideas

Peplum dress

Plus size outfit ideas Peplum dress
Image source: ashleystewart.com

A peplum dress or any outfit with a raffle at the waist is great for creating an hourglass figure illusion. It clinches in the smallest part of your waist and then flares out. This outfit is great for women who feel they have a fuller belly.

This dress is perfect for different occasions; from work to parties, and it’s great for all plus size body types.

Pair your peplum dress with your favorite heels or wedges, then layer it with a blazer or jacket on the chilly days.

Wrap dress

Plus size clothing Wrap dress
Image source: hisandherfashion.com

Most women love this wrap dress because it’s adjustable and flattering to most body types. It enhances the waistline and flows well to the rest of the body.

The low v-neckline is especially sexy while showing just the hint of cleavage. The belt allows you to adjust the size to suit your desired look. Also, the dress comes in different fabrics and textures, living you with a variety to choose from depending on your body type.

You can choose to go with a mini, mid or maxi wrap dress. This will be determined by your style and what you feel comfortable in.

Shift dress

plus size outfit ideas for summer shift dress
Image source: beauticurve.com

A shift dress is a must-have plus size outfit. This dress is so comfortable and breathable. It’s cute, fun and it doesn’t hug your body making it great for all body types and sizes.

A shift dress is so easy to wear. You can dress it up or down in any season. Any type of shoes would go well with this dress. From flats and heels to sneakers and boots.

Fun plus size outfit ideas

Skater dress

plus size womens trendy clothing Skater dress
Image source: coolbsfashion.com

Skater dresses should be essential in any woman’s wardrobe. They have a womanly flare, fit perfectly on your upper body, and they have a flared hemline that makes them great for most body types.

These dresses are stylish, comfortable and flattering.

When choosing your skater dress the most important thing is to consider the right measurement around your bust and the length of the dress.

Stripes dress

Plus size outfit ideas stripes dress
Image source: ashleystewart.com

Most plus size girls are afraid of wearing stripe patterns. This shouldn’t be the case because stripes are great when you wear them the right way.

Small stripes are universally the easiest stripes to pull off because there’s less space between each stripe, leaving your body looking great. The small stripes sometimes blur the eye and they are always flattering to all body types.


outfit ideas
Image source: trendycurvy.com

This is officially my favorite piece when it comes to outfits ideas. A kimono has a way of elevating an ordinary outfit into a red carpet-worthy outfit.

You can wear your kimono over different outfits like a bodycon dress, jeans, and tees or as a bikini cover-up.

There are so many designs and styles to choose from and you can go for a short or long kimono depending on your liking.


Plus size outfit ideas
Image source: girlwithcurves.com

A blazer is a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe. It’s fashionable and complements most outfits.

You can pair it with a pair of jeans, dresses or skirts. It’s great for both official and casual occasions. You can dress it up or down and grace any event all year long.


Shapewear plus size womens trendy clothing
Image source: gogrottos.com

A good shapewear is a must-have for any plus-size woman. This doesn’t mean you have to wear it every day, but it’s important when wearing clothes that hug your body.

Shapewear is good at flattening your belly as it holds everything together and leaves you feeling more confident.

When choosing your shapewear, choose the one that fits you perfectly – not a size smaller because it can be really uncomfortable. Also, choose spandex material for elasticity.

There is a variety of shapewear in the market so you will be spoilt for choice if you decide to buy one. My advice; invest in quality shapewear and you will never regret.


Plus size outfits ideas Accessories
Image source: klambeni.com

This list of plus size outfit ideas would not be complete without including some accessories that complete the overall outlook.

These include bags, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, belts, scarves, shoes and watches. The right accessories will help you draw the attention from those features you don’t like on your body while actuating the best ones.

A long necklace takes the attention from big hips, big earrings draw attention from your upper body and direct it toward your face, while belts help define your waist.

Which of these plus size outfit ideas is your favorite?

Being a plus-size woman shouldn’t stop you from wearing fashionable clothing. In my opinion, all body types are great. All you need is the right clothes for your body type with a dose of confidence.

Are you a plus size girl? What’s your body type? Which plus size outfit ideas will you share with us?

We would like to hear all about it in the comment section below. Also, feel free to share these ideas with your fashionable ladies.

Plus size outfit ideas for women



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