10 Powerful Feminist Poems That Will Make You Love Being A Woman

What do you love most about being a woman? Being a woman comes with so many struggles! Check out these beautiful feminist poems that will make you proud to be a woman!

How many female presidents do you know? Research has shown there are more females in the world compared to men. However, there are very few women leading the world as they should! This is because most positions of power and prestige are occupied by men. This doesn’t mean women are not capable of being great leaders, it only means discrimination against women still exists.

In my opinion, a leader should be the person who’s more creative, innovative, resourceful, visionary, wise and insightful despite their gender. We can all agree, men and women are different. But, a woman is as likely to be intelligent as a man if not more.

That being said, it is important to empower women to continue fighting and standing up for themselves against gender discrimination. That’s why I have collected these powerful feminist poems to inspire you to love yourself more, be ambitious, and push you to pursue your dreams and take over the world.

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Powerful Feminist Poems


Poem in praise of menstruation – Lucille Clifton

Motivational feminist poems

If there is a river
more beautiful than this
bright as the blood
red edge of the moon if

there is a river
more faithful than this
returning each month
to the same delta if there

is a river
braver than this
coming and coming in a surge
of passion, of pain if there is

a river
more ancient than this
daughter of eve
mother of cain and of abel if there is in

the universe such a river if
there is some where water
more powerful than this wild
pray that it flows also
through animals
beautiful and faithful and ancient
and female and brave



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