Best Places For Solo Female Travel – 5 Travel Experts Reveal Their Favorite Solo Female Destinations

Have you ever wondered how it would be like to travel solo as a woman? Have you traveled solo? If so, what countries, cities or towns would you say are the best places for solo female travel?

A lot of women hold back from traveling alone due to the fear of the unknown! However, this shouldn’t be the case. Traveling alone is the most fulfilling and impactful experiences you can have in your life.

Every woman deserves a solo trip once in their lifetime because traveling solo comes with so many benefits which include:

  • You get to choose where to go, what to do without worrying about accommodating other people’s need and want.
  • When you travel solo you get a chance to discover yourself in terms of strengths and weaknesses. It allows you to spend a good amount of time by yourself which will help in soul searching and reflecting on life.
  • You get a chance to make new friends through other female solo travelers. When you travel alone you are more vulnerable and receptive which makes it easier for other travelers to approach you unlike when traveling in a group.
  • Traveling solo is the best source of self-empowerment. This is because you get to face the world on your own, what can be more terrifying than that? However, at the end of the trip, you will be so fulfilled and standing up for yourself will be so easy.
  • Solo travel allows you to be yourself unapologetically due to the fact that you are in a new place where nobody knows you. This gives you a clean slate to be yourself unlike when you travel with family and friends who expect you to uphold a certain image.
  • When you travel alone your overall experience is more genuine simply because its the interaction between you and the places you visit unlike when your attention is directed to other people when you travel as a group.

Traveling solo should be safe, fun and the experience should be fulfilling. This is why choosing the right destination is crucial.

In this article, I have consulted five strong and experienced female travelers who have shared their best places for solo female travel.

I hope their insight will help and guide you when choosing your next trip!

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All-Time Best Places For Solo Female Travel

Annette White, From Bucket List Journey

Best Places For Solo Female Travel

Annette says: Almost every destination can be perfect for solo female travel, but I do have one of the best places for solo female travel because of its endless exploration opportunities.

Tokyo can never get boring. While there I ate beef that was creatively shaped like a brain, served to me inside of my private jail cell by women dressed in pink nurses’ outfits. I drank my coffee next to a dozen felines at a quirky cat café, confirming my preference for dogs. And I found out exactly what all the buttons on the Japanese toilet do (enjoying some outcomes much more than others).

There are not many places that would provide such peculiar and unexpected forms of entertainment, but Tokyo is a city of many colorful facets; a mix of avant-garde and traditional. It is a town where the illuminated skyscrapers cohabitate with historic temples, unusual anime shops, and cherry blossom-lined streets.

It is a destination where you can attend a lively tuna auction hours before daybreak, eat skewers of yakitori in the seedy Piss Alley or scramble across one of the biggest intersections in the world with hundreds of others. In other words, Tokyo is just fabulous.

Annette White is the author of Bucket List Adventures, co-owner of Sugo Trattoria and creator of the award-winning travel and lifestyle blog, Bucket List Journey whose mission is to give every person in the world the tools and inspiration to live their bucket list.

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Hannah, From IrelandStoleMyHeart

Favorite Solo Female Destinations

Hannah says: One of my top recommendations for solo female travelers is Ireland. It’s one of the friendliest and safest places I’ve been to, with plenty of options for travelers of all styles.

There are a number of hostels across the country or, if you prefer your privacy, B&Bs are a great alternative that are still more budget-friendly and social than hotels. Ireland is small and easy to get around by public transit, and the locals are always willing to help.

Plus, it’s one of the few places in the world where a woman can just go into a bar (well, a pub) alone without feeling uncomfortable. Plus, with it’s towering cliffs, majestic castles, and colorful villages it’s a beautiful place to explore.

Hannah. is a freelance writer and travel blogger from Canada. she fell in love with Ireland during her visit in 2011. Ireland has become her second home ever since. Through her blog, Ireland Stole My Heart she enjoys sharing tips and enjoyable places to visit in Ireland.

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Safest Best Places For Solo Female Travel

Marie-France Roy From BigTravelNut

Favorite Solo Female Destinations

Marie says: For me, the best place for solo female travel at the moment is Oaxaca, Mexico. I’m not a huge beach person, so while most Canadians stay at Mexican beach resorts, I feel a lot happier in a colorful colonial town like Oaxaca. Situated in a valley at 1500 meters, the climate is just perfect during the Canadian winter months. It’s sunny every day and dry, with highs in the mid-20s Celsius.

Oaxaca is one of the top foodie regions in Mexico and is the birthplace of the famous mole sauces. You also find delicious coffee around every corner, and really affordable fruits and vegetables.

This beautiful city, full of art and culture, is surrounded by several villages that produce handicrafts such as carpets, pottery, and paintings. And let’s not forget the artisanal mezcal, a liquor similar to tequila. Hiking in the surrounding mountains and exploring pre-Columbian archeological sites are other things you can do nearby.

Oaxaca feels safe, even for solo females. The people are friendly, and nobody bothers you. Many visitors (retired North Americans mostly) spend several months here every year. There is a full calendar of activities including movies, concerts, yoga classes, and more. It’s also a great place to learn Spanish, with many locals willing to do language exchanges. You never get bored in Oaxaca!

A long-time resident of Toronto, Marie-France Roy is a Canadian freelance writer who’s been exploring the world mostly solo for over 25 years. She’s especially fond of sunny destinations with good coffee. Her blog focuses on affordable solo travel for the 40+ crowd.

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Candice From FreeCandie

Candice says: Greece was my first ever solo female travel experience, so it will forever hold a special place in my heart. I traveled during the off-season when many of the islands were virtually empty, but I was so graciously accepted wherever I went.

It’s like the locals were more open to talking to me since there were so few tourists around. After making some friends in Athens, I carried on alone to Santorini and then Naxos, and then arranged to volunteer on an olive farm in Lesbos through a WWOOF initiative.  

There was never a time when I felt unsafe, except in some less-than-desirable neighborhoods of Athens (like Omonia). Working on the olive farm also helped me to experience life in rural Greece, where I was miles away from the nearest town and completely lost amongst Greek-speaking locals. Everyone took care of me like I was one of their own, regardless. 

Candice is a freelance travel and arts writer, blogger, and communications coordinator. She is also, the founder of which she started with the purpose of sharing living a life worth living tips while traveling the world.

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Best Places For Solo Female Travel To Add To Your Bucket List

Maya From TravelByMaya

Best Places For Solo Female Travel

Maya says: One of my favorite best places for solo female travel definitely New York City. It is such a beautiful, magical, interesting city. There is so much to do in NYC, especially as a solo traveler.

I’ve done two solo trips to New York and there aren’t many words to describe how much I enjoyed it. In New York City you can find delicious food, visit amazing museums, go to all the tourist attraction places and enjoy them, hang out at a cool rooftop bar in the evening, and even watch a good Broadway show without feeling alone, and enjoying every minute of it!

And can we talk about the fact that NYC is the city of fashion? You should definitely create some time for some shopping! I always feel safe in New York City even when traveling all by myself 🙂

Maya, is a travel blogger at, in the past few years, she has developed her own travel tips and hacks to travel the world for cheap, and doing it more than just once or twice a year!

She writes about traveling the world for cheap without missing out on anything. The tips will teach how to travel more and pay less.

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What Are Your Best Places For Solo Female Travel?

So! What stopping you from booking a flight, train or bus to that destination you’ve always wanted to visit?

Have you traveled solo? what other best place for sole female travel would you like to add? Why do you consider it as your favorite? Please share with us on the comment section below, we would love to hear all about it.


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