6 Great Work-From-Home Jobs For Moms With Babies

What are some good work-from-home jobs for moms with babies?

Looking to start earning as a SAHM? If so, welcome to the world of work-from-home jobs for moms with babies.

I understand juggling baby duties and wanting to earn a living can be challenging. But guess what? You’re in luck!

There are lots of opportunities out there that let you work from home, giving you the flexibility and convenience you need to make your work-life balance dreams come true!

So, get ready to dive into this guide, where we’ll explore different work-from-home options perfectly tailored just for moms with babies.

These jobs are specially designed for awesome moms like you who are rocking the parenting game while craving a fulfilling career.

Without further ado let’s uncover these exciting work-from-home jobs for moms with babies together!

Genuine Work-From-Home Jobs For Moms With Babies

1.) Proofreading

Proofreading is one of my favorite work-from-home jobs to recommend. This is because it’s easy to learn, and you don’t need some crazy hours of practice.

As a proofreader, your job is to make sure written documents are free of any errors before being published or printed.

To Become A Proofreader

Becoming a proficient proofreader requires more than just average skills.

If you aspire to earn higher payouts and excel in the proofreading industry, it’s essential to elevate your game and learn from the experts.

From what I have gathered taking a proofreading course will come in handy in succeeding in this field.

And that’s where Proofread Anywhere course comes in.

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With 14 years of experience as a proofreader, Caitlin has created a perfect course to help you become a top-tier proofreader.

This comprehensive course teaches you the core concepts of proofreading, how to land clients, and how to start and run a successful proofreading career.

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If satisfied with the preview, you can go ahead and buy the course for the full experience.

Skills You Need To Be A Proofreader

  • Solid understanding of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary.
  • Attention to detail to be able to spot even the smallest errors
  • Good time management to efficiently handle multiple projects and meet deadlines
  • Comfortable working with different writing styles and subject matters.
  • Good judgment to enable you to make sound decisions on grammar choices and formatting
  • Familiarity with proofreading tools and software.
  • How Much Can You Earn?

On average, proofreaders can earn between $15 and $40 per hour.

However, experienced proofreaders or those specializing in specific industries may earn higher rates.

Where To Find Proofreading Jobs

Websites like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr FlexJobs, Indeed, and LinkedIn are popular for freelance gigs. 

2.) Transcriptionist

Your job as a transcriptionist is to turn audio or video recordings into written documents.

The best part about transcription is that it’s an adaptable and in-demand job making it ideal for stay-at-home moms with babies.

Being a transcriptionist will offer you the freedom needed to balance work and taking care of your little ones.

To succeed in this job, you need to establish a schedule that works for you by taking advantage of nap times or quiet moments. Setting realistic goals is important too.

Moreso, creating a designated workspace is a great way to stay organized and focused, while productivity tools will make your job easy as a transcriptionist.

Become A Transcriptionist 

As a first-time transcriptionist, you should consider enrolling in online courses or programs that offer transcription training and certification.

This training will arm you with valuable insights, industry-specific knowledge, and credentials that will boost your credibility.

To kick-start your career as a transcriptionist, I recommend you take the Transcribe Anywhere course to get all the ins and outs of being a transcriptionist.

The best part about the course is that you can go through their transcribe anywhere free workshop before making the actual purchase.

Also, the course will not only teach the holistic transcription part, but you’ll learn the business aspect of starting and maintaining a successful career.

For this reasons, this course is highly recommended and praised by those who have taken it.

Skills You Need To Be A Transcriptionist

  • To excel as a transcriptionist, the following skills:
  • Strong listening and typing skills are essential for transcriptionists.
  • Attention to detail is crucial to accurately capture spoken words.
  • A good command of grammar, punctuation, and language conventions is important.
  • Familiarity with transcription software and tools will also be beneficial

How Much Can You Earn?

Transcriptionists typically get paid per audio minute or per word.

On average entry-level transcriptionists make $15 to $20 per hour, while experienced experts can expect to earn $25 or more.

Where To Find Transcriptionist Jobs

  • Freelance websites such as Upwork and Fiver
  • Online platforms like Rev, TranscribeMe, and GoTranscript
  • Networking and reaching out to transcription companies

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3.) Online Jewelry Maker

Being an online jewelry maker is a great fit for stay-at-home moms with babies.

This is because it allows you to work from home, giving you the flexibility to manage your time around your baby’s schedule.

You can create jewelry during nap times or whenever you have some free time.

Moreso, you have the freedom to choose the volume of work you take on, ensuring it aligns with your availability and energy levels.

As a stay-at-home mom, it’s important to set realistic expectations and establish a routine that balances your responsibilities as a parent with your work as a jewelry maker.

Consider allocating specific blocks of time dedicated to designing, crafting, and managing your online presence.

Building a strong online presence, engaging with your audience, and constantly improving your craft will help you thrive in this unique job.

Where To Sell Your Jewelry

You can sell your crafts on:

  • Websites like Etsy, eBay, Poshmark,  Ruby Lane, and Shopify
  • Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok

These platforms provide a ready-made customer base and an opportunity to connect with potential buyers.

How Much Can You Earn?

This job has no limits as you can earn from $1 – $1000 or more depending on various factors.

These factors include

  • Your skill level
  • The complexity of your designs
  • Materials used
  • Demand for your creations.

Your earnings may be modest at the beginning, but as you build your brand and gain a following, your income potential can increase.

Skill Needed

To become an online jewelry maker, you’ll need

  • A passion for jewelry design
  • Creativity
  • Good manual dexterity
  • Basic knowledge of jewelry tools and materials
  • Familiarity with different jewelry-making techniques, such as wire wrapping, beading, or metalwork

Fun Work-From-Home Jobs For Moms With Babies

4.) Etsy Shop Owner

As an Etsy shop owner, you will create, promote, and manage an online store on the Etsy platform. You can use this shop to sell your handmade, vintage, or unique items.

To run a successful Etsy shop, you’ll need creativity to make unique products, photography skills to showcase them attractively, and writing skills to describe them effectively.

Building a strong brand and marketing your shop well will help attract customers.

Also, providing great customer service and managing your time efficiently are skill you need to excel in this field.

How To Become An Etsy Shop Owner 

To become a successful Etsy shop owner, you need to:

  • Identify what you want to sell in your shop.
  • Create your shop on the Etsy platform. Simply visit the Etsy website and sign up as a seller.
  • Set up your shop and add product listings
  • Start selling your handmade, vintage, or unique items 

What To Sell On Etsy

There is a wide range of things you can sell on Etsy, including:

  • Handmade goods: Unique handmade jewelry, clothing, accessories, home decor, artwork, candles, and more.
  • Vintage items: Collectibles, clothing, accessories, home goods, and furniture from previous eras.
  • Craft supplies: Materials and tools for various crafts, such as sewing, knitting, painting, and scrapbooking.
  • Digital products: Printable art, digital downloads, patterns, and templates.
  • Personalized or custom-made items: Customized jewelry, clothing, stationery, or home decor.
  • Wedding and party supplies: Invitations, decorations, favors, and accessories for special events.
  • Art and photography: Original artwork, prints, photographs, and illustrations.
  • Bath and beauty products: Handmade soaps, lotions, bath bombs, and natural skincare items.

How Much Can You Earn?

You can earn from $1-$50000 per year, but the earnings can be affected by factors such as:

  • What you’re selling
  • The demand for your products
  • The pricing strategy you employ
  • Your marketing efforts
  • The overall success of your shop.

Remember, Etsy has specific guidelines and policies. It’s important to review and adhere to these rules before deciding what to sell.

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5.) Online Fitness Coach

Do you have a passion for fitness and wellness? If so, this will be an excellent opportunity for you.

As an online fitness coach, you will use your expertise and passion for fitness to guide and support people on their fitness journeys to help them achieve their health goals.

You’ll do this by creating personalized workout plans tailored to your client’s needs and also providing valuable advice on exercise and nutrition.

And the best part? You’ll do it in the comfort of your own home and in your own time all through the power of the internet!

To Become An Online Fitness Coach

  • To start, deepen your fitness knowledge and consider getting certified in relevant areas.
  • Find your niche and develop a coaching style that inspires and motivates.
  • Build your online presence through a website or social media by sharing valuable content.
  • Offer virtual coaching services tailored to clients’ needs.
  • Market yourself authentically and engage with your audience.

Skills And Qualities You Need To Be An Online Fitness Couch

  • Deep knowledge of exercise and fitness principles
  • Ability to design personalized workout plans
  • Positive attitude and enthusiasm to inspire and motivate clients
  • Organizational skills to track progress and provide timely feedback
  • Strong interpersonal skills for building rapport with clients
  • Reliability and punctuality in delivering coaching services
  • Excellent communication skills to connect with clients remotely
  • Empathy and understanding to support clients’ individual needs
  • Adaptability to work with different fitness levels and goals
  • Continual learning and staying updated on industry trends

How Much Does An Online Fitness Coach Earn?

Online fitness instructors can earn between $25 and $100 per hour on average, with some top earners earning more than $100,000 per year.

This earning can increase depending on experience, expertise, client base, and the services offered.

6.) A Podcaster

A podcaster creates and hosts audio content in the form of podcasts.

Over the years, Podcasting has become an increasingly popular medium for sharing information, stories, and entertainment.

As a podcaster, your main role is to produce regular episodes that revolve around specific themes or topics.

In general, you’ll be researching, planning, recording, editing, and publishing episodes to share your passion and expertise with the world.

To Become A Podcaster

  • Come up with engaging and relevant content ideas for your podcast.

This could be anything from discussing current events, sharing personal stories, interviewing experts, providing educational insights, or even exploring a topic you’re passionate about.

  • Plan and script your episodes.

This involves outlining the main points you want to cover and deciding on the structure and flow of the content. Some podcasters prefer a more casual and conversational style, while others prefer a more scripted approach.

It ultimately depends on your personal preference and the nature of your podcast.

  • Record your episodes!

You’ll need a good-quality microphone and recording equipment to ensure clear and professional audio.

Find a quiet space where you can record without interruptions. Many podcasters also add background music or sound effects to enhance the listening experience.

  • Edit your episodes

You can do this using audio editing software.

This involves removing any mistakes, improving the overall sound quality, and adding any additional elements such as intro/outro music or advertisements.

Platforms To Publish Your Podcast

Once your episode is ready, it’s time to publish it on various podcast platforms, such as 

  • Spotify
  • Apple Podcasts
  • Google Podcasts

You’ll need to create a catchy title, write a compelling description, and add relevant tags to help listeners find your podcast.

Promoting Your Podcast

This is the most important part of this process since the larger the audience you reach, the more successful you will be.

You can do this through the following:

  • Social media like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok
  • Your website
  • Collaborating with other podcasters to increase your reach and attract a larger audience.
  • Engaging with your listeners through comments, reviews, and listener questions is also a great way to build a community around your podcast.

Work-From-Home Jobs For Moms With Babies

These work-from-home jobs are perfect for moms with babies.

They offer flexibility, allowing you to balance being a mom and pursuing a fulfilling career.

Whether you choose freelancing, online entrepreneurship, remote employment, or starting a podcast, there are plenty of options available for you.

Was this article helpful? Kindly leave your recommendation or suggestion in the comment section below.


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