15 Strong Woman Poems To Ignite Your Inner Fire

Looking for a strong woman poem to inspire and empower you? If so, these feminist poems will help remind you that you are an amazing and strong woman.

As women, we all need some motivation to push us through our tough days or any other given day.

Poems have a way of telling people’s stories, struggles, and breakthroughs. Through their verses, they encourage us to rise from our own hardships and go on to reach our full potential.

Today, we have collected these amazing strong woman poems that will give you a little push, encouragement, and daily inspiration. They are written by some of our most favorite inspirational women writers. 

Be sure to bookmark this page so that you can always refer to it whenever you need a burst of inspiration.

Strong woman poems to inspire and motivate you

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I Am A Strong Woman – Kasia Fedyk

I Am A Strong Woman - Kasia Fedyk

Strong woman poem to make you more confident

I am a strong woman
you can see the fire
burning in my eyes
it’s not the strength
of a powered muscle
but the hand that is feeding my soul

I am a strong woman
that sees beyond the veil
walking on clouds
as a virtue
they become my cushion
my syllables of words unspoken
carriage of believes
carousel of rainbows
painted upon my heart
become the seal of my energy

I am a strong woman
I stand between the two poles
darkness and light
my arms extended to keep them straight
might comes from most powerful source
I don’t rely on the potency of the flesh
that weakens me with every pore
the power within my only authority
so vivid and immense
I am a strong woman




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