35 Judge Lynn Toler Quotes On Marriage, Love, And Life

Our collection today includes funny, smart, witty, and powerful Judge Lynn Toler quotes loaded with the best advice on relationships, marriage, love, and life.

All rise! The Honorable Judge Lynn Toler is presiding. These are words you’ve heard again and again if you’re a fan of divorce court.

Although divorce court is known to solve some serious couple issues, most people watch it for the drama and humor that come with it.

Now, why do most people love Judge Lynn Toler? Apart from being smart and knowledgeable, she’s a tell-as-it-is queen.

Toler is known for giving couples the best advice on how to save their relationship or marriage, yet she’ll tell other couples they are better off apart if she sees fit, making her an all-around judge.

The news of her leaving divorce court in 2020 was saddening to many. However, her fans got a treat when she joined marriage boot camp as a co-host the same year.

In 2022, she premiered her tv show, Commit or Quit, where she determines whether the couples should marry or permanently part ways.

Apart from being a judge, Toler’s accomplishments include being a lawyer, TV personality, author, and philanthropist, to name just a few.

If you are looking for the best relationship advice, this collection of Judge Lynn Toler quotes is the best fit for you.

Thoughtful Judge Lynn Toler Quotes

1.) “Marriage involves compromise, sacrifice, and—on occasion—a bit of suffering.” ― Lynn Toler

2.) “I’m not asking you to win, just don’t quit.” ― Lynn Toler

3.) “You have to make a conscious decision that you are not going to be angry anymore. Because it’s a conscious decision to say, I’ve paid my dues, now I want my joy.” ― Lynn Toler

4.) “EVERY moment in time is an OPTION  and an OPPORTUNITY. NOBODY commands it but YOU!” ― Lynn Toler

5.) “Your man or woman should not be your source of income. My dear, it’s a relationship, not a source of income.” ― Lynn Toler

6.) “Yelling is like writing your point of view on a missile. You may be right but the truth gets destroyed in the explosion” ― Lynn Toler

7.) “Never make a man tell you he doesn’t want you more than once”― Lynn Toler

8.) “Let us work and create stable unions before we create other individuals because I don’t think it’s working out for us.” ― Lynn Toler

9.) “Jealousy is an ugly chic, & she’s very expensive. She costs you peace on a daily basis on the off chance that one day, he might mess up. You’re making every day miserable.” ― Lynn Toler

10.) “Men do better when they get to beg for you,not when you beg! They need to hunt”― Lynn Toler

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Wise Judge Lynn Toler Quotes

11.) “Usually, when someone says or does all of the right things, It’s not magic. It’s practice.” ― Lynn Toler

12.) “If you laser focus on the Should Be’s you’ve been hanging onto forever, you’ll miss seeing all of the Could Be’s you’ve yet to imagine.” ― Lynn Toler

13.) “You marry the man you dat not the one he promise to become” ― Lynn Toler

14.) “You don’t ever move anywhere with a man unless you got a ring on that finger. You just don’t do it.” ― Lynn Toler

15.) “You’re scared about being vulnerable. You can’t love fully unless you’re fully accessible, and you can’t be fully accessible unless you’re willing to be vulnerable.” ― Lynn Toler

16.) “I never ever award pain and suffering in here because i think pain and suffering is part of life.” ― Lynn Toler

17.) “The universalization of your own personal experiences stuffs you in a closet of limited information too small to house the truth.”― Lynn Toler

18.) “Dont let the fools the fearful and the haters conduct their business in your head” ― Lynn Toler

19.) “I get up early and do all the stuff I don’t want to do to get it out of the way. It frees up both your day and your psyche. Order your day in a way that maximizes your happiness. ” ― Lynn Toler

20.) “That’s what a man does, he looks at a problem and he handles it and doesn’t run off into another corner. That’s all day grown man acting.” ― Lynn Toler

Judge Lynn Toler Quotes To Motivate You

21.) “You can not control the situation until you can control yourself.” ― Lynn Toler

22.) “I realized that a lot of people in my courtroom have problems not because they made a wrong decision, but they failed to make any decision at all.” ― Lynn Toler

23.) “You can’t make people do right by you, but you can decide how often you will let them do you wrong.” ― Lynn Toler

24.) “A comforting lie is a blindfold. You feel better because the problem’s no longer staring you in the face. The issue? The problem doesn’t go away now. You’re just fighting blind.” ― Lynn Toler

25.) “Don’t plan your life around a man.” ― Lynn Toler

26.) “You can not enjoy the fruits of your labor if you are still laboring under the same pain that you won’t let go.” ― Lynn Toler

27.) “If I waited until all the ducks were in a row, I would never have crossed the street. Sometimes you just have to gather up what you’ve got and make a run for it.” ― Lynn Toler

27.) “The only worthwhile person to compare yourself to is the you you used to be.” ― Lynn Toler

28.) “Forgiveness is a peaceful thing. It neither excuses nor rationalizes. It just frees you from the emotional baggage of other’s wrongs.”― Lynn Toler

29.) “I used to think my life has to be in order to be happy. Now i understand that if my head’s in order, life’s disorder can’t define me.” ― Lynn Toler

30.) “If he got hit by a bus tomorrow, your life would proceed…” ― Lynn Toler

Judge Lynn Toler Quotes

31.) “If you get mad, they focus on defending their position. If you’re cool, they hear you better.” ― Lynn Toler

32.) “You get what you get as a matter of birth. You get what you want when you take what you got and work it like a job.” ― Lynn Toler

33.) “Understand the depth and breadth of what it is to be in a relationship so you don’t get swept away on the fumes of fakery. Image is a false prophet.”― Lynn Toler

34.) “Men think the way they think. They’ve got a whole different software going on up there. They’re not running the one we’re running.” ― Lynn Toler

35.) “He is not your everything.  YOU are your everything. He may be your man. He may be the guy you’re supposed to be forever with. But he’s not your everything. ” ― Lynn Toler

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Judge Lynn Toler Quotes

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judge Lynn Toler quotes
Judge Lynn Toler Quotes
Judge Lynn Toler Quotes


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